Welcome to our new Parish website

Welcome to our new Parish website


After some hard work in finding out what we need from our website we are launching it at our United Celebration on Sunday 2nd of June 2013.

This is very much an on-going project and is much bigger than simply the staff team.

It has been designed to be used by the various church organisations. We hope to distribute much of the work out so that leaders can update their section of the site IF they want to. We would love lots of photos from events  and would love to focus on things happening in the churches.

Our new site has various features which are important to realise:

  • The Navigation bar at the top appears on all pages.
  • Nothing should be more than 2 clicks away.
  • The graphics on the home page will change around over time.
  • Things which we are focusing on at a particular time + other random things will be on the top line.
  • The Hub – will be the central place for admin – The calendar is there, The Blog entries are there, The Magazine can be found there.
  • The Office – will be where forms can be downloaded

All day to day things are accessible from the home page – Any announcements which are made in church will be on the home page

The events coming up will be on the home page