VDG Resources


This page has resources for various churches doing good stuff in Ireland and the UK

This is home to loads of new innovative stuff … have a look at what’s possible within the anglican church!-  https://www.freshexpressions.org.uk/ Take a look at the Stories section

Robert Says

I’ve prepared a couple of websites that have some great links … they are here … just showing some things that are possible

The link to the church of Ireland Parishes That are doing good stuff  – https://www.postwire.com/page/52efd6bd71599317f19f9631

The Link to Church of England Parishes  – https://www.postwire.com/page/52efde29fb3861162254e05d

*** Check out a vision of St. Paul’s Ealing as an example of a church with a big vision … http://stpaulsealing.com/media.htm