St. Patrick’s Week of Activity in C of I Blarney

17th March St. Patrick’s Day – Holy Communion Service with an Irish Feel! 11am

Preacher Revd John Farris (Trinity Presbyterian Church, Cork)

Prayer Reflection with Irish Trad Music

Bi-Lingual Reading of Scripture 




The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney.


1.    “AWAKENING” with 24-7 & New Wine Ireland. 18 are  joining us for this time to unite and pray together for our country and the coming Kingdom see below



Venue: The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney,

Time: 8pm unless otherwise stated


24-7 Prayer” and New Wine

AWAKENING  * see  below for more  info

Wednesday 19th March 2014


SHOW US HIS GLORY conference –Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd March 2014

 Worship, Bible Teaching & Ministry – Thursday 20th & Friday 21st

 Saturday 10am to 1pm – Worship and Bible teaching and Seminars.



Transforming Worship

Encounters with God in Scripture inevitably bring transformation. How do we keep our worship fresh and alive and ever open to His transforming work in our lives? Led by our speaker the Rev James Boyd, and local worship band and church leaders; Ben Jonas and Michael Kenning, with Robert Ferris the local Blarney minister acting as MC.


Shoes on their feet- The Ministry of the Cork Street Pastors

Come and be inspired by this focus on one of the most imaginative examples of Christian witness in recent years. Members of Street Pastors will share the vision, the background, the needs, the principles and stories of lives that have been touched by the Gospel.


Nurturing the faith of generation Y.

What are the distinctive trends in this group of teenagers and young adults?

Gen Y – or those born after 1982 – have grown up in the hyper-connected internet age, with greater access to information and choice than ever before. However in contemporary Ireland, this age group can find work and life opportunities limited by harsh economic reality.

  • How does the church connect with, nurture, and utilize the talents of this group?
  • How do we nurture the faith of those living in a culture that is increasingly institutionally closed, but often spiritually open?
  • What place does Christianity have as a source of meaning, hope and purpose for young people?

This workshop, led by Matt Gould (Youth worker in Carrigrohane Union) will explore these issues with creative discussion and shared thinking.





As we approach St Patrick’s day, we wanted to let you know the details of some things that are happening around that week and to encourage you to get involved in any way you can.

A number of us, as we have been praying for the land, have sensed God give us the picture of a circuit board! It feels that God is developing trusting relationships all around the land in these days – Jesus followers from across the denominational spectrum – who are hungry to see His kingdom come above all else.  As these relationships are ‘soldered’ together through prayer in Christlike love, we are seeing the land start to light up with the beauty of Jesus.  We are in faith for an unprecedented move of God’s spirit in these days and, as the circuit board is connected together, we believe that this move can flow across denominations, religious, and generational boundaries for the glory of God.  All of this starts, is sustained and carried by prayer!

With this in mind please join with us in the following…

Sunday 16th March
Light Up Ireland

Join with us and others all over Ireland to pray for this place. That we lift our hearts and voices as one in prayer to see God’s kingdom come in our lives, our communities, our patches and this island, in our day.

We have a map that we want to mark the churches that are praying and our aim is to have a church in every community in Ireland praying that day. Please join us, let us know that you are praying and we can add your church to the map.


Some of us from New Wine Ireland along with our friends at 24-7 Ireland and others are journeying round Ireland to listen, to share, to intercede and to worship. As part of this we are taking part in four evenings of prayer and worship for our land in each of the four provinces of Ireland. The details of these are

Tuesday 18th March – Leinster
St Catherine’s Church, Thomas Street, Dublin

Wednesday 19th March – Munster
Church of the Resurrection, Blarney, Co Cork

Thursday 20th March – Connacht
Sligo Methodist Church, Wine Street, Sligo

Friday 21st March – Ulster
Willowfield Church, My Lady’s Road, Belfast

All these evenings start at 8pm. We would love you to join us at any of these that you can as we press in and push on. Come On!
Let’s do this.




I know we always say that we are very excited and it may seem that we are excitable people, but we do believe that this is an exciting time for the church in Ireland and we are excited to be a part of it.


As we look forward to St Patricks Day next month we want to cry out to God to transform Ireland.


We are called to be a people, a church, of prayer and worship. We are called to live lives that are full of the Presence and Power of God. And we believe that God is awakening his church to these fundamental truths again.
On Sunday 16th March we want to ask you to join with us and others all over Ireland to pray for this place. That we lift our hearts and voices as one in prayer to see God’s kingdom come in our lives, our communities, our patches and this island, in our day.


We have a map that we want to mark the churches that are praying and our aim is to have a church in every community in Ireland praying that day. Please join us and let us know that you are praying.


We are taking to the road with our friends at 24-7 Prayer Ireland to journey around the four provinces of Ireland and to hold four evenings of prayer and worship in Dublin (18th), Cork (19th), Sligo (20th) and Belfast (21st).


Please join us in praying that week and if you can make it to any of these evenings, we would love to see you there.