Sermon Notes - Our Identity and Purpose

Sermon Notes - Our Identity and Purpose

notesEphesians  3 : 20 – 4: 16  – OUR IDENTITY AS A Parish – Introduction

At the United Celebration in September  Ian launched our series of sermons based on the book of Ephesians and reminding us what The Vision Development group were doing and the tremendous work and ministry which was happening in our Parish already whilst also realising we cannot do this in our own strength.

He reminded us that the letter to the Ephesians stands as a reminder that  the church that it is not marginal to the world – it is central to the way God is reaching out to the community and to the nations.

We were also reminded about the priority we need to place on prayer and intercession, to create what Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn calls “bufferzones” – time blanked out in our diaries in our day to think and reflect.

Ian concluded by challenging us to have a 3D Vision

  •  To journey in one Direction
  • To be a Journey of Diversity
  • To be a Journey of Discovery


Ephesians 2.1-10  OUR IDENTITY – ‘To be centred on the life and teaching of Jesus.’

This statement is a firm foundation.

We value this statement, through house groups, personal reflection and Sunday teaching, centering ourselves on Jesus’ teaching and modelling life is a strength here that we can build on.

Like a stick of rock with a print all the way through, Jesus’ life and teaching has too come through all we do, otherwise – why bother!

Our challenge is for this to be in place – For our own ‘centring’.


Ephesians 3.14-19

IDENTITY – To grow in his love together / To express his love in action

We have done this before, but it remains valuable because what one generation neglects to teach, then next forget, and the third deny.

We are – Strengthened and in-dwelt: This is God’s work in us.

As a result we: Root and ground ourselves in Love. (With the picture of a plant remaining rooted to fulfil its potential growth)

As we live out of this love we begin to grasp Christ’s Love. Hard to love others you are not meeting with, a solo-Christians faith will be missing something. We will be different from each other and the church should reflect this and work at building relationships, to be a healthy and growing church…

So that we are filled up with the measure of God’s fullness. The identity of the Christian is to be filled with God. So that our churches are centred on the fullness of God, with space for others to be welcomed, and where love in action to each other is displayed, and also reaches out to those outside our doors.

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