Robert's Blog - Lighthouse Messy Church  Team Feedback

Robert's Blog - Lighthouse Messy Church Team Feedback

June sees the transition point of the parish year – It’s a time when regular stuff finishes off and when other things start up.

This June has been quite an amazing time to take stock and finish the year well. For our Messy Church, we as a parish have thanked the team and their families for their support and hard work through the year with a BBQ and 10-pin bowling.

This year we also introduced a Review sheet  asking team members to think about the year and let us know what needs to be looked at … below is their feedback – it makes for very interesting reading.

Remember these are our teenagers & adults together – meeting each month to ensure a messy church event happens … to have such positive feedback is wonderful and humbling. Oh for feedback like this across the board at church. Messy Church works! 🙂


What was your highlight for the year? 

  • Goo
  • Watching children enjoy the activities, especially the messy ones! And the torn curtain activity
  • The activities
  • Playing the piano
  • Bit hard to say as have only been at a couple of sessions – but talking to the participants as we do the craft is always fun
  • Talking to new people during activity time
  • I love seeing the children engage in the story every month
  • Very difficult to choose – Easter and Christmas Lighthouse
  • Water pistol painting
  • The highlight for me is seeing all the young people helping to run Lighthouse
  • What I learn about God, trusting Him + the surprises every time.
  • Today, so many people who didn’t go to the beach but came here joyfully instead!
  • Watching the children interact during the stories and prayers (some more than others as is normal) they seem to embrace it all, it isn’t something I see a lot in church.
  • The mealtime together. I think that’s been really special.
  • I actually really enjoyed telling the story one month – which surprised me – & I learned a lot from preparing to do this.
  • Interacting with the families and getting to know them
  • The activities
  • The groupwork with kids listening and the parents learning as well as the kids
  • I always enjoy the worship/songs. Seeing new people coming.
  • Seeing the young people want to become leaders and be part of the team.

Something you have learned this year?

  • Planting seeds in children’s lives is very important
  • More about God
  • That I love helping
  • I’ve been reminded of just how good LH is as a model of family ministry. I’m intrigued by the idea of messy Vintage too…
  • the children love the most difficult activites! They also remember what activities/stories we done last month, which is good for the follow on from Christmas to Easter etc
  • Reminded to keep persevering, even though the numbers here might be small at times God is working in people lives always.
  • Finalised my sound and slides skills
  • I really enjoy talking with the young people and learning what makes them tick.
  • People who come to Lighthouse appreciate even the smallest things so everything we do is valued by someone in some way – very encouraging!!
  • Not to panic it all gets done
  • That God can use absolutely anything to speak to people – I love seeing people being blown away by even tiny details in the story that I would have overlooked.
  • That a team can do so much – even when we each only do a small amount – but it all adds to something great & each part really matters.
  • About how to engage with the people who come and make connections
  • I have discovered new talents
  • That the kids are more interested than I thought
  • Not sure I’m answering the question but I think it’s been a very clever idea to get leaders to introduce their activity. Helps grow confidence and develop leadership skills.