books histogram chartOn this page you will find links to all sorts of Resources which we hope to expand over the next while.

Online Training Literature for our Eucharistic Ministers

Online Prayer Ministry Training Manual

Messy Church Resources

Detailed Child Protection Policy (see Below)




Detailed information about the Church of Ireland is available from the following Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge (APCK) Study leaflets.

Irish and Universal
Protestant and Catholic
APCK Leaflets Clergy and People
The Eucharist
Mary: Virgin and Mother
The Bible
The Communion of Saints
Death & Eternal Life
Baptism & Confirmation
The Holy Trinity
Repentance & Forgiveness






Over the course of the last while we have been wanting to ensure people have the same information for various roles and responsibilities in the parish so this area of the parish site contains the documents for particular things and will hold handouts and document relating to those roles as time goes on.


If you think you have completed the training sessions and don’t have access to these areas please contact Robert.


Currently we have


Eucharistic Ministers (Password Protected)


New Wine Prayer Ministry Team (Password Protected)


sgt_riChild Protection Policy (Safeguarding Trust)

The Church of Ireland Code of Good Practice for Ministry with Children

Approved by the Standing Committee of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland, September 2007.

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Theological Introduction & Preamble
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Part 1: Policy framework
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Part 2: Areas of responsibility
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Part 3: Recruitment and selection of parish workers
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Part 4: Management of paid and volunteer workers
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Part 5: An introduction to child protection
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Part 6: Guidelines for workers
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Part 7: Guidelines for sharing information
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Part 8: Guidelines for general safety and management
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Part 9: Forms and resources
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The full document may be downloaded here, please be aware that this document is over 5MB in size.