Reading The Bible!  ... Some Suggestions

Reading The Bible! ... Some Suggestions

student_reading_bibleThis Sunday we were looking at the first bit of our Identity as a Union of Parishes –

“Centered on the Life and Teaching of Jesus”

As a church this is foundational to all that we are, and the same is true for each of us as Christians.


However, many of us find Reading and studying the Bible can be difficult … but there are tools and ways in … here are a few suggestions which might just help.

1. Make sure you have translation of the Bible which you can understand. – There are many translations available … ask a friend in Church – Also check out a local Christian Bookshop.

2. Why not join a Bible Study / Growth /Alpha Group ?– Ask clergy / Parish office for more details – The autumn time is the perfect time to join as groups are just starting back. This year we have groups looking at various topics and books.

3. We are running a new Initiative this year E100 – the Essential 100 Readings … for more details check back on this website from 17th September when you can sign up to get daily readings – 100 readings in 20 weeks – with questions and discussions.

4. There are many good study guides available … just ask and we can point you in the right direction!

5. Keep asking questions!