Holy Week Prayer Room

On Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week we as a Union of Parishes  are holding 12 hours of prayer in Carrigrohane Parish Centre – This will be based upon similar prayer activities based around 24-7 prayer, with various stations around the church.

The times are 8am -8pm on both Monday and Tuesday – Simply click the link below to sign up.

The Parish Centre will be transformed into a creative space of prayer and worship and silence – and we are hoping as many people as possible will help us to accomplish this.

We have 12 … 1 hour slots to fill and we’re wondering if you or you and a few friends could commit to filling one of these slots.

Below are videos of what the 24-7 Movement is all about and the vision behind it. But put simply … its us praying, seeking, supporting and pushing into what God is doing

Could you spend one hour? … if so please sign up by clicking the link >>





Here’s some info from 24-7


At this very moment someone, somewhere is praying; maybe through word, thought, flowing through a pen or painted on a wall, they’re speaking to their creator. In 24-7 Prayer Rooms in any number of countries, from different streams of the Church, Christians are learning to pray by praying.

The first night and day 24-7 Prayer Room started by accident in September ’99. A small group of English youth took on the extreme challenge of praying non-stop for a month. They broke days into hour slots, filled a room with creative inspiration and expected to fail after a week… God turned up and they couldn’t stop ’til Christmas! A passion for God’s presence, a rise in faith and answers to prayer brought new life to their Church.

A Global Wave of Prayer

From that one scruffy, smelly, holy room the idea and hunger for prayer has spread across the globe. The virus of 24-7 Prayer has multiplied into thousands of Prayer Rooms in over 100 nations. Space has been made in schools, police stations, prisons, shops, festivals, naval academies, caravans, homes and often in churches themselves. It’s hard to keep track as Prayer Rooms have spread through word of mouth, virally across the internet and through the book Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig. Thousands of non-stop prayer meetings are now linked via this web site to form a unique chain of unbroken prayer.


Here in Ireland we have seen prayer rooms in tents, churches, schools, high street shops, festivals, universities, caravans etc. One of the exciting outcomes for us in Ireland is Church unity as churches come together in towns and communities to pray for their area, we have been excited to see this happen on the high street in places like Clonakilty, Cork, Lisburn, Ballymena, Belfast, Dublin and Newtownards. God is truly calling his Church back to its knees and from there, sending us out in mission!

Below is the experience of someone who was involved in a prayer room recently prayer room here in Ireland…

The experience of individuals was nothing short of amazing, in how they were moved both emotionally and spiritually.

An elderly lady who had never been in a prayer room the whole of her life crying her way around the room as she felt the Holy Spirits presence there.

A middle aged woman who had also never experienced a prayer room and despite the initial nerves on entering the space said, she left after a couple of hours exclaiming “I will never be the same again.”

A young teenage boy who normally would not express himself openly or without embarrassment, feeling led to write a thank you note through one of the pods expressing his thanks to 2 youth leaders for their teaching and inspiration.’