Mission Support

In Carrigrohane Union of Parishes we understand mission in it’s widest sense … Mission home and overseas

The vestry support various forms of mission and outreach. In this section of our website we post latest updates from our mission partner organisations … simply click on their logo to find out more about the project we are supporting.

Carrigrohane Union of Parishes – Annual Charity Giving—2013

Information—and notes for continued prayer support

Each year the parish gives a tithe—a tenth of our giving income—to charities. For 2013 the Select Vestry decided to continue with recent
years and give a substantial donation to the Cork Christian Trust—the Haven—and to the PAKT (Parents And Kids Together) project in Ballincollig YMCA. Parish donations have been very important to both these local projects in recent years.
As these donations were to local charities—the remainder of our allocation
was sent overseas and equally split between:
• Emma & Robson Bolster-Rodrigues (for their work in Brazil)
• Tearfund
• Mothers’ Union Relief Fund
• Teso

Emma & Robson Bolster-Rodrigues (for their work in Brazil)

Damascus Centre in Brazil
Damascus Centre in Brazil


Emma emailed, ‘I want to thank Carrigrohane Union for your gift which we have gratefully received. It has come at a very needy time. We will put it towards our project and into some Kids work we are running.’





Tearfund said, ‘Thank you so much for your gift to Tearfund Ireland’s Where it is needed most fund. It will make a huge difference to families who survive on 1 euro a day. Tearfund Ireland is working with local churches around the world to bring hope and demonstrate love to the most vulnerable and marginalized people.

Asia—in Myanmar (formerly Burma), Tearfund is working with local churches to rebuild houses, repair wells and provide families with tools and seeds in time for the planting season. Up to last year, a military junta had ruled Myanmar for nearly 5 decades. The rule of the military government was characterized by human rights abuses, increasing poverty and deep-seated corruption. In the remote mountainous regions, one in thee children is malnourished and one in five people lacks access to safe water. But now a slow transformation is underway.

Africa—in Malawi mother to child transmission of HIV is the highest in the world. Tearfund are partnering with Irish Aid and the local church to help pregnant women in rural areas to get the medication and care they need. This ensures that they do not infect their unborn babies with HIV. Churches are facilitating health clinics and some of their members are being trained to be a ‘mother buddy’ to younger more inexperienced soon-to-be mothers, supporting them through their pregnancy and into the early days with their
new born.
Thank you for showing God’s love with your kind gift—and helping us to meet the most urgent needs.


Mothers’ Union Relief Fund


Mothers’ Union is an international Christian membership charity that aims to demonstrate the Christian faith in action through the
transformation of communities worldwide.

Our 4 million members are working with people of all faiths and none in 83 countries to promote stable marriage, family life and the protection of children through praying, enabling and campaigning.

Our aims and objectives are:To promote and support married life; To encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of their children; To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service; To promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children; To help those whose family life has met with adversity.

The Relief Fund is distributed via our local members and their churches to areas where sudden needs arise or disasters occur. It is kept separate from the general funds of the charity.



The Teso Development Trust—working with the Teso people of North East Uganda on water projects, schools, Christian ministry, agriculture, child support and relief say: ‘Thank you so much for your parish’s very kind donation to our work in Teso, Uganda.

We have, in the last year, been focused on helping the community with development of programmes that improve life for this very poor community, notably with agricultural improvement schemes, 11 new wells, the development of two community led schools, as well as a support for the training of Church leaders and the translation of the Bible into Kumam which is now complete and to be launched in February. In November there were serious floods in the poorest part of the region, and we managed to respond with aid distributed through local churches.’


CMS Ireland

CMS Ireland equipping the church in mission—wrote: ‘CMS Ireland would like to thank Carrigrohane Union of Parishes for their recently received kind donation towards the work of mission in God’s world. The support from your parish is much appreciated and will enable CMS Ireland to deliver much needed support to our partners around the world.

Please continue to pray for the work of the Society and our partners.

The Church Mission Society, Ireland is part of the global CMS family. CMS was established in 1799 with a threefold focus: the abolition of the slave trade, social reform at home and world evangelisation. CMS has had a presence in Ireland since 1814. 200 years later, CMS Ireland continues to work with the Church as it seeks to respond to both spiritual and physical needs in our world. The Church – every disciple of Jesus, every community of faith – has been called into mission;

CMS Ireland seeks to equip people for this task. We do this by:

  • Supporting the Global Church
  • Resourcing the Church in Ireland
  • Mobilising Individuals

CMS Ireland partners with Anglian Dioceses, indigenous churches and Christian organisations in Africa and Asia, as they engage in mission in their own contexts. We currently work in relationship with 19 such Global Partners in 9 countries.

P.A.K.T.—Parents And Kids Together, part of YMCA Ballincollig:

‘The families & children of the PAKT programme would like to send many thanks for your ongoing commitment which is acknowledged and appreciated by all at Ballincollig YMCA. As a result of your generosity the PAKT programme has continued to provide valuable and supportive programmes to families in the Ballincollig area.’

More info – http://www.ymca-ireland.net/

The Haven:

We have now been open for 6 years and we have had many successes and much for which to give thanks!
In the original vision for The Haven, we sought to provide a half-way house between ‘the high street’ and ‘the Church’ for those who found little relevance in existing church models. To this day this principle has remained vital. The means of achieving this has changed as we sought to ride the waves of the financial downturn and the challenges of altering our structures to suit the resources available. What has developed is a fascinating eclectic community of individuals willing, even curious, to dialog with one another about faith, hope and love.

We continue to focus on simplifying the operating model for The Haven Café, and we now run it with staff from employment schemes, in cooperation with The Bridge as before, with Tim Jenkinson supervising. We continue to host four Toddler groups on weekday mornings, provide space for a number of groups who provide services to the surrounding community and host three different ethnically diverse church groups on Sundays and a number of other meetings during the month.

The Open-Mic nights which provide many people with an alcohol free music zone every Friday night recently celebrated its first anniversary and is a popular community amateur and impromptu music venue! It even has its own Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Havenopenmic) and you can sample some of the acts from its first anniversary celebration on http:// www.ustream.tv/recorded/39755572. The Counselling service which provides a professional service to many clients and a training venue for trainee counsellors continues to grow and is also providing an essential source of income to pay the on-going costs of the mortgage.