Messy Session - The Wedding Banquet


The story is ‘The Parable of the Wedding Feast’ Matthew 22: 1-14


The activities are:
  1. not quite a treasure hunt – finding clues to discover what the Bible verse is
  2. messy – finding party food in a bucket of custard!
  3. banner – colouring the letters and sticking on faces cut from magazine
  4. science – frothy brew (looks great and works -have tried it out!)
  5. game – Do your part – working in groups of 4, one person is the head, another the body, next arms and hands and last legs and feet and they are given tasks to do eg jumping jacks, move a book to another table and stuff like that
  6. clothes – make something to wear from crepe paper or make a collage picture of clothes(will have both options)


1. Everybody’s Welcome
2. Now and forever
3. God’s Amazing Children (CD and puppets)
4. Love, joy, peace

The Activities sheet