Messy Session - The Unforgiving Servant

The story is the parable of the unforgiving servant (Matthew 18:21-35)
need some readers for a dramatic reading of the story and 2 people to hold up signs at appropriate places
  • I’m Sorry
  • Hey, that’s OK

The activities are:-

1. Food:- icing and decorating heart shaped biscuits
2. Messy:- mixing different things into water (idea is to show that God and sin don’t mix)
3. puffy-paint:- write forgive or draw a heart (haven’t tried this yet but as the idea came from the Messy church book assume it works!)
4. soap carving
5. scribble and shred:- a quiet space to be with God (writing drawing sorry prayers and then shredding them in a shredder)]
6. heart shaped fridge magnet:- (haven’t quite decided on what exactly will be written on this but something about forgiveness) and decorate with stickers
7. coin rubbings
8. game where they collect the letters to spell ‘forgive’


  • Twisting back in time
  • Love, joy, peace
  • ** Anyone can come to God (New)
  • another one with CD