Messy Session - Palm Sunday to Easter Morning

The story

Easter -Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday.


1.  game – put Jesus on the donkey blindfolded (sort of like pin the tail on the donkey)
2.  fold and cut activities (fold A4 piece of paper and cut – real easy instructions – the pieces can then be used to make and tell the story)
3.  a hole in your hand ( a trick your eyes play on you – just looking down a tube of paper ! – great fun)
4. make an Easter Card
5.  rolling marbles in paint and then along paper
6. making red painty hand prints on a paper shaped as a cross – will be used later in the prayer time
7. food – ice and decorate egg shaped biscuits
8. make a model of empty tomb – just cut colour and stick some pieces together with glue sticks and paper fasteners – again instructions are easy)