Messy Session - Harvest / story of Creation


Harvest and we are using the story of Creation (Genesis 1:1 – 2:4)



  1. Banner – Phil 4:8
  2. Poster to write/draw all the good things God has given us around the verse Deut. 26:11
  3. Messy – cornflour mix (its the one that is hard when you squeeze it but sloppy when you let it run over your hand)
  4. Food – icing and decorating buns and making top hats
  5. sun, moon and stars potato printing
  6. making a creation timeline – various short activities, involving cutting and sticking, for the different days (they will choose which to do with some direction so we have all the days)
  7. matching game – to see if they can remember what God created each day
  8. prayer space (Phil 4:6) – with paper, pens etc



  1. Twisting
  2. God made you and me
  3. with puppets
  4. So amazing God