Messy - Lent Resources

A road map through Lent                             Messy Church

Ideas for activities that have been used at ‘The Lighthouse’ (Messy Church in Blarney)


Story: Jesus is tempted in the desert (Luke 4: 1-13)        

  • Make flat bread (this was done using a scone recipe rolled out really thin and cooked on an electric fry pan)Link: we need food but also the Word of God to help us make the correct decisions in difficult times


  • Learning verses (have a quiet space to do this with lots of examples of good verses to learn) OR make a Bible promise (or memory verse) booklet to bring home and learn. The booklet can be made by stapling several sheets of paper together – using different colours is attractive and A4 divided in 4 is a good size.
  • Poster: What are your treasures? Cut pictures from magazines or draw/write something to represent ones treasures. Talk about our treasures and what they mean to us. Do they stop us getting close to God or get in the way…..? OR Graffiti wall – drawing things that are important to us – talk about what God says is important
  • Science – tricks with water, light and our eyes. Link: things aren’t always as they seem (the devil offered Jesus seemingly good things but Jesus knew better)
  • A table of things that look very tempting but taste yuck! (eg sweets with lots of salt added, buns/cake/biscuits with lots of salt in and icing on with curry powder in – use your imagination!) Link: resisting temptation and things aren’t always as they seem
  • Another year I gave everyone a chewy bar and asked them not to eat it till the end when we were having refreshments – checked later, many had resisted the temptation to eat it but a few had eaten it!
  • Parachuting person: using paper and wool make a parachute for a peg. Link: the Devil tempted Jesus to jump but He didn’t – but we are going to make a person who does with a parachute! (endless fun was had by all doing this activity – great if you have a balcony as we do to drop them from)
  • Sand pictures: (salt dyed with food colouring and dried in the oven)
  • Building towers from newspapers rolled up and lots of sellotape OR from building blocks, yoghurt cartons ….
  • Make an angel picture from doilies. Write Matthew 4:11 Then the Devil went away and angels came and cared for Jesus
  • Dropping toys from a height and hit the target Link: the Devil asked Jesus to jump because the angels would protect him (Matt 4:5&6)
  • Blindfold obstacle course
  • Prayer corner – space to be with God


Story: The birth of Moses (Exodus 2: 1-10)           Mother’s Day

  • Make chocolate krispie baskets with a jelly baby in them (variation chocolate shredded wheat…)
  • Hieroglyphics – use the internet – have a Bible verse to decode OR rewrite a verse using hieroglyphics OR make name plaques with hieroglyphics
  • Make a Mother’s Day gift (for your mother (or someone else special) –lavender bag  and gift card
  • Pyramid building from cardboard boxes (we used packing boxes but could be done on a smaller scale with cereal boxes)
  • Weave a basket from card and paper then sail this across a paddling pool with a jelly baby in it.



Story: Palm Sunday all the way through to Easter Sunday

Game – Put Jesus on the Donkey (like pin the tail on the donkey) picture from web resources for Bubbles Jan-March 2013 Session 12

Fold and cut – a special way to fold and cut paper to give shapes to retell the story of Easter – from web resources for X-Stream  Jan-March 2013 Session 13

Empty tomb model to make – can also be used to retell the story – from web resources for Splash Jan-March 2013 Session 13

Science fun: A hole in your hand! Roll a piece of A4 paper into a tube. Stick with tape. Hold the tube up to your right eye with your left hand held beside it (near the end). Stare very hard down the tube (keep both eyes open) You will see a hole in your left hand!!  Link: Jesus nailed to the cross

Rolling marbles covered in paint along a sheet of paper (protect the floor!!) Link: rolling the stone away

Make an Easter card to send to someone to share the Good News with them.

Ice and decorate egg shaped biscuits Link: egg is a symbol of new life and Jesus gives new life

Red handprint cross – protect the floor with plastic (we used bin bags opened up) have a cross made from paper taped to the plastic. Dip hands in red paint and make a hand print onto the cross. As you do this say sorry to God (silently) for the wrong things you have done

Some other activities we used on another occasion when we used only the Easter Day story

Fridge magnet cross – decorate a cross shape with lots of sequins and glitter

Make a mini Easter flower arrangement

Easter treat to keep till Easter Sunday – wrap up some small chocolate eggs/treats – perhaps children/families could share the Easter story with others as they eat these treats!

Banner: Jesus is Alive, Alleluia written in large bubble letters and filled in with pictures of flowers cut from magazines Display in the church for Easter

Growing seeds: plant seeds (mustard and/or cress on cotton wool good) in yoghurt pots. Draw a face on a sticky label and stick to the pot. Ask the questions – what does this have to do with today’s (Easter) story? And get a discussion going by saying, ask some other people what they think?  [might be good activity for All-Age service/ not necessarily just Messy Church!]

A bucket of Goo! – flour and water mixed together to make a thick doughy kind of consistency – stick hands into it and see what shapes they can make for the story (if nothing else it gives you time to talk about the story! ) {goo activities are always one of the most popular at Lighthouse!!}