Dear Friends,

At the height of this wonderful summer weather, some of us were feeling that this is too good to be true. We had forgotten how special an Irish summer is. And of course now we have tasted it we want more!

Our search for God’s presence is much the same. When taste it you want more, and so it is exciting to know that this is God’s desire for His people. He is not as fickle as an Irish summer but promises to give good gifts to His children in the dynamic teaching about prayer in Luke 11. Many believe that God is doing a new thing in these days, Ireland included. Whatever form that takes our response like a wonderful summer, must be to long for it, by asking, seeking and knocking. It won’t happen by being passive. It is to want more and more of God in our lives personally, His church and the world. The bottom line is, that for all the things we value about belonging to Carrigrohane Union, it must be driven by the value we place on wanting more of God. Get that right and the vision will follow. And so The Vision and Development Group have been guided by Philip Potter’s Book “The Challenge of Change.” where he writes that “Values are where Vision begins” and that “vision begins not with changing structures but with an examination of our values”, because what we value will always drive and motivate i.e. our longing for God’s presence.

During the autumn Robert, Matt and I on behalf of the VDG, will be preaching on some of the key areas about not only our Values, but also our Identity and Purpose. it will mean that we will be running between services which is not very satisfactory for the flow of worship, but it is crucial that everyone is involved with sharing the vision.

In the meantime as the autumn schedules fill up, let us come to our ministries in the church with a fresh appetite to see God at work in them, and to be more daring in what we ask of God!

Every blessing, Ian

This article first appeared in the September edition of our Connect Newsletter