iGen Meeting - Saturday 29th Nov (Sunday PM invite)

legoHi …
Robert Ferris here!! … as promised … I said I would send out an invite with the details of a meeting/workshop I’m running on Satuday

This page has been set up to say that all are welcome to a meeting/workshop for the new service we’re setting up in 2015 … its called iGen (intergenerational) we are hoping that it’s going to be for EVERYONE from kid to seniors … which includes teenagers (which is why we NEED your input)
We’re starting from the very start so you have an opportunity this saturday to help shape what sunday mornings could become for everyone … so its important that your voice is heard!

Our Meeting/workshop begins @ 2pm and will be finished by 4.30. If you can come please do let Katie know by commenting on the Facebook page

2.05 pm start – Brief Introduction to iGen … What we’re hoping to achieve etc with it (10 Mins)
2.15 Splitting up into The different areas to highlight the issues + principles in the various areas 
Please be having a think about the different issues which you’d like to raise but also things that you think are important principles we need to include as we begin this new service. Not just in the area that you are most drawn to!
  • music,
  • teaching,
  • welcome,
  • technology,
  • prayers,
  • Liturgy
  • kids,
  • teens,
  • 18+’s,
  • seniors,
  • team,
  • the physical space
(15 mins for a primary area you’re thinking about to chat to others + 15 mins to add your input to others)
2.45 Bringing it together (10 Mins)
2.55 Q&A’s  (10 mins)
3.05 pm Quick Coffee/comfort Break ()
3.10 looking at the plan … commitments / ideas / who else? (15 mins)
3.20 a couple of questions … kids and groups?, Space?, all-age nature of this?
3.30 The finer detail – January, February, March,  April … Teaching, Music, everything else! (25 Minutes)
Taking on board what we discussed earlier …. splitting into 3 groups …
Musicians to chat about … common resources, kids songs, new songs, balance in the service  … how you prefer to work … using other people to play alongside you … putting in place a system if you wish to be freed up some sunday … building in a backup plan to cover sickness, holidays etc … please bring samples if you have them some of music which we would use as a common source of some songs.
Teachers … what resources could we use? …if you have any examples please do bring them … how would you like to go on the rota?,
Everything else  … what would you like to be involved in? … what else do you think is important to be included? … what else makes up the service? and what other resources do we have / need?
4pm … reporting back 
4.15 … time to think and AOB
4.30 HOME