home_BibleStudyWithin our vision we believe that it is vital that as many people as possible are linked into our many small groups for community, teaching and growing together. As such we would hope that the range of these groups would be increased and that all current groups would be open to new members.

While at the heart of Carrigrohane Union is the church family, it is expressed through the different groups which seek to be SALT and LIGHT for the Kingdom of God. Some groups are obvious from the activities they do. While others gather inconspicuously, to be nurtured from the Word and the Spirit.

All the groups share the same kingdom values of …


….to different degrees according to their purpose.


These are the groups which have an obvious identity like the Toddler Groups and Sunday PM. Their work, year in year out, is invaluable and very much part of the unfolding of Vision 2015, where we are committed to improved communications, developing leaders etc. The details of all these groups with a clear PURPOSE can be found below


These are the home/house groups for encouragement as individuals and strengthening relationships to one another, so that together we are equipped to make a difference and shed the light of Christ in our daily lives.  Making the time for these groups is as important as what we do on Sunday and is why with Vision 2015, we have set a target of seeing as many as 80% of our church family involved. That is the challenge, but we do appreciate not everyone’s circumstances will make this possible.

But to encourage you, there are many reasons to belong to Home/House Groups:

  • To be with Christians who care for each other
  • To meet new people
  • To pray with others
  • To receive prayer
  • To study the Biblefaqs
  • To chat about issues in life
  • To celebrate successes and share challenges
  • Not least, to have fun together

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Groups



Wednesday Morning GroupParish Centre, Carrigrohane

Wednesday’s Fortnightly 10.45am-12.15pm  – Co-ordinated by  Joan Hales

Our purpose is to meet for Bible study with discussion

Blarney Growth Group normally The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney

Tuesday nights from 8pm – Co-ordinated by Judith Monk

Our purpose is to be a growing God-centred community of worshipping     people, equipped to reach out and draw others in to receive & share the love of Jesus.

FALK (Friendship, Action & Activity, Loving, Knowledge)- Parish Centre, Carrigrohane

  • Fridays – Weekly from 8pm Co-ordinated by Laurel Watts

Our purpose is to learn from God through his word so we can live it out in our lives.


Wednesday Night Group – Dean & Mary Venables’ house,

Wednesdays Weekly from 8pm – Co-ordinated by Dean & Mary

Our purpose is to grow closer to God and to each other through in-depth Bible study and discussion.  We also pray together about things in our own lives or issues in the wider community.  And we always, always have a cup of tea or   coffee and often a slice of cake!


Table Talk for 20s & 30s  – TBC’d


For Contact Details of these groups please contact the parish Office –