FAQ's About groups

faqsQ/A will hopefully address some of the questions you may have:


 Q: I will feel I’m intruding by joining a group that is already established. 

A: In fact you will be bringing a fresh perspective and groups need to make sure they don’t become just a comfortable circle of friends. We are also aiming to start new groups so let us know if you are interested…


 Q: I don’t feel I have got much to share.

A; Just go as you are. Nobody will put you on the spot. After a time, you will feel at home and share as you wish and it will feel more natural.


 Q: But I’m hopeless about finding my way round the Bible and talking about my faith.

A: That is why house and home groups exist; to build up our confidence and to grow personally, so it becomes all the more important to get to such a group!


 Q: I am often too tired to drag myself out.

A: This is understandable. But if you are healthy and fit, taking ourselves out can be an antidote to introversion, and lift tiredness. Besides, to quote again from Bishop Tuto, “every member of the family is a gift to each other”. Your going can encourage another member of the group. In time friendships grow that are not only important for us, but our unity reflects the command of Jesus to love one another, so that the world might believe.