Bible Study SOS

For many people Bible Study is difficult, finding the time, finding the space, finding what to read …

Over the course of 20 weeks this little part of Carrigrohane Union’s website will hopefully give you some ideas and resources to help you get an idea of some of the key passages in the Bible as well as some of the internet’s better resources to help you think of some of the main characters of Scripture.

We’ll have some of our own home grown questions and we’re very happy to share stories and questions as well as posing questions from the Bible Study group. We want this site to be as interactive as possible.

We’re also conscious that there have been many churches and Bible Study groups across the globe who have used E100 over the past couple of years and we also hope to glean some thoughts from brothers and sisters across Ireland and other countries as well.

Using our website we also hope to use some web based multimedia to help you reflect on the passages as we go along.

Please do sign up to get a daily email with the resources.

Each email will consist of the Bible Text, a thought based upon the passage for the day and some key questions to help us apply the passage to our life today.