Breadline Challenge

1During Lent 2016 members of Carrigrohane Union of Parishes are being invited to participate in the Breadline Challenge. The aim of which is very simple – to highlight the issue of poverty – local and global whilst also raising some money for those who are heading out this summer to our Global Partners in Northern Zambia.

The Challenge is simple: 

Step 1 – Simply add up the amount of money you spend on an average week on your food budget & note it down

Step 2 – Plan for 1 week to live on €2 or €2.50 per day – It will take some careful planning

Any money saved can be donated to our Zambia Travel Fund via the Parish Office


Other Ways to participate 

On Facebook during the 40 days of Lent we’re going to be sending out Challenges, encouragements, Bible Verses linking to the theme of poverty and God’s Heart for those who are poor in our community & world as we engage with this important issue.

On the Second sunday of Lent we’ll have collection boxes which you can  take home & place money into for the travel fund.

Poverty supper – Table Talk – our 20’s -30’s Group are inviting everyone to an evening looking at poverty at home and abroad on Wednesday 16th February 7pm for food  –  If you would like to come for food please let know. 

7.45— 9pm (worship, short talks on poverty home and overseas & prayer) 


What is the Zambia Travel fund?

A team of 12 are heading out from Ireland (10 from Carrigrohane Union of Parishes) to the Diocese of Northern Zambia at the invitation of Archbishop Albert Chama in the summer. The Team will be representing CUP, the Diocese and the Church of Ireland.

We’ll be spending 2 weeks working alongside the Zambia Anglican church in projects which the Mothers’ Union, youth, parishes have set up to help in local communities.

The Travel Fund has been set up to assist team members in their fundraising efforts. The cost to each team member is €2,000 – The Travel fund is our way to assist team members reach their target. We’re aiming to raise €5,000. 

Any money raised beyond what is needed will go to the projects which we are visiting out in Zambia.

If you would like to make a donation – or need more information please contact Revd Robert Ferris – or the Parish Office.

Raised €0 towards the €5,000 target.