Blogging Explained

Blogging Explained


Blogging is short for “Web-Log” it is simply a place for thoughts to be made public … lots of places on the internet have a blog to communicate and to provoke thought and discussion. On this our parish blog we hope to use it as a place of information, thoughts, links and whatever else develops over the coming months.

At the beginning we hope simply to provide some articles or reproduce some things which we as a staff team have found which might be of use to members of the church.

Contents of this blog will also be reproduced on the Blarney Church facebook page and other places which you might find it of use.

As with all things on the internet please do feel free to email us, chat to us.

Our Blog will also be able to keep people up to date with things which have happened. We also hope to have a series of guest blogs from events, conferences on particular topics.

The only proviso as with all blogs – The views published are the view of the individuals who write the article and not necessarily the views of Carrigrohane Union of Parishes or the Church of Ireland policy (however we’re not going to knowingly publish anything which is dodgy!!)