2nd April 2017

13th April – Holy Thursday – Agape Meal

Due to unforeseen circumstances we’re changing our plans for the meal on Thursday of Holy Week – It’s now an Agape meal (Communion Service with evening meal included) in the Parish Centre. The whole parish family is invited – sign up on Sunday. (Bring a main course/desert to share) 6-7.30ish Followed by a short service in St. Peters.

Growing Up with a Third Hand

If parenting is always challenging, the power of the mobile phone and social media over our children’s lives is like a “third hand”. That is, for many, it so much a part of them that it has become indispensable to the way they function. The problem is that it can lead to sleeplessness, loss of self-esteem and mental health issues.

Writing in the Cork Independent*, the “third hand” is Eileen Keane’s way of understanding how serious this culture change has taken hold in the last ten years. Eileen argues for more support and education for children to channel the power of this technology for good. She writes about huge levels of regret, from not turning off phones while studying, scrolling through meaningless information on the net; that they did not have enough time with family and real friends, and regret around sexual relationships. She says:

They are bombarded daily with images of their peers looking great, appearing happy and with a busy social life. What they do not see is these same people, feeling lonely, upset or angry. Social media allows us to show a snippet of our lives, but only the part we might want people to see.

The sadness of the “third hand” is the loss of self-worth. A loss of dignity. “Love from the centre of who you are” ** is the encouragement of God’s Word, while for many the centre is a whirlpool sucking in negativity and we lose who we truly are.

And it hurts, not just the young adult, but the parent who wants to reach out in love, but in doing so is like a gardener reaching for the briers from a beautiful shrub without gloves, and lacerating their hands. Our children are beautiful and therefore they give us the greatest grief, especially when we feel powerless to help. Parents too struggle to “love from the centre” and find themselves pulling out the thorns of regret and guilt that have embedded themselves in the depths of their being.

But God’s Word is not just a standard to live up to, but a signal to where we recover our dignity. To use the language of the mobile phone, when we are “in range”, we find at the centre God’s love seen astonishingly in thorns and a pierced body. And looking on at the Cross, a parent** who saw it all happening to her son and yet watched with dignity. For she was a keeper of the promise that in His wounds we are healed**. And from that place of being healed, love from the centre of who we are and embrace the thorns as Christ does. Then we are in that place to reach out to our children to help them love from the centre.  Then together, when we come “in range” to hope:

And Instead of the thorn-bush will grow the juniper, and instead of briers the myrtle will grow.  This will be for the Lord’s renown,  for an everlasting sign that will endure for ever.’ Isaiah 55 v 13

We are delighted to welcome as our Holy Week speaker the Rev John Scott, formerly Rector of Seapatrick Banbridge &  Archdeacon of Down and Dromore.

John is taking as his theme: ‘IT IS FINISHED’

12th April 8pm St Senan’s Inniscarra – Spy Wednesday

13th April 6pm Parish Centre Carrigrohane – Agape Supper at 6pm for the whole Church Family

We then “go out” to Gethsemane i.e : 8pm St Peter’s Church – A short reflective service for Holy Thursday & Prayer for Wholeness and Healing

GOOD FRIDAY – 14th April 11.30am Ballincollig (for 12 noon prompt start) Ballincollig Stations of the Crossmeet outside the Church of St Mary and St John Station Rd.

8pm The Church of the Resurrection Blarney – Good Friday Service

16th April Easter Sunday

9.30 am –  Holy Communion, St Peter’s, Carrigrohane

11 am – Sunday AM in the Parish Centre

11 am – Holy Communion, Blarney

11 am – Holy Communion, St Senan’s, Inniscarra


THIS COMING WEEK beginning 3rd April

Office Hours:  Mon & Wed 9.30-3.30pm – Tues & Thurs 9.30-12.30pm.

Monday 3rd St Peter’s Carrigrohane

12 noon  The Daily Office (Church open from 9am)

Tuesday  4th The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney – 10am – 12 noon  Toddlers in Blarney

8pm Growth Group

Wednesday 5th

11am Bible Study Prayer and Fellowship in the Parish Centre

8pm – Prayer time in the Meeting room of the Parish Centre led by Wednesday evening House Group.

Thursday 6th

8.15pm St Senan’s Choir Practice ( now meeting on Thursday  weekly)

Friday 7th  The Parish Centre – 10.15 – 11.45 am – Carrigrohane Toddlers

7 – 9pm  Glow in the Parish Centre


9th April  Palm Sunday

9.30 am – Morning Prayer, St Peter’s, Carrigrohane

11 am – Sunday AM with ADVENTURERS in the Parish Centre

11 am –  A Service of the Word, St Senan’s, Inniscarra

3.30 pm – Lighthouse The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney



Thank God for the improvement in Mary Venables mother Maggie who suffered a stroke. Please keep praying.

This week more significant meetings take place in regard to our plans for Ballincollig – please pray that we will know when to keep pushing and when to rest and trust God.


Kilmoe   Trevor Lester

The Mothers’ Union 

Those with special needs

(Anglican Cycle of Prayer)

Mityana – (Uganda) Rt Revd Stephen Kaziimba

CUP: St Peter’s Carrigrohane –  St. Senan’s Inniscarra – The Church of the Resurrection Blarney – Sunday AM Carrigrohane /Ballincollig

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