Youth Trip 2014
Youth Trip

Youth groups in the Parish:

‘Sunday PM’ 

Sunday PM is a young people’s discussion group for people in secondary school that meets on Sunday evening (that explains the name!) The evening centers around a discussion of a bible passage or theme about being a follower of Jesus, and we also have a meal together and usually do a crazy game or challenge.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been a christian for years or are just interested, this is a group to help you take things deeper.

 This term, Sunday PM is running the ‘Nua’ film series.  Come and check it out – its class!
You can check out the trailer here: https://nuafilmseries.orgGlow logo.001


– A youth club event for children from 4th-6th class in national school. With loads of games and challenges, cooking and sports activities. In the middle of the evening we also have a short talk. It doesn’t matter whether you go to our church, another church or none at all, all are welcome to come and join in a great night! All the leaders are garda-vetted and child protection trained to deliver a fantastic night in a safe, positive space.

Meeting from 7-9 pm, The 2017-18 dates are Sep 22nd, Oct 20th, Nov 17th, Dec 15th, Jan 19th, Feb 9th, Mar 16th, Apr 13th, May 18th Come along and bring friends too! 

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‘Glow Max’                  10592613_10152678535231197_7641620319904278879_n

– a teenage youth cafe and hang out space, featuring a music and chill out room, pool, table tennis and other activities for young people of secondary school age. We have a short talk in the centre of the evening looking at God and Life. Always a good night, hope to see you there.

Meeting from 7.30-9.30, Glow MAX is on Sep 29th, Oct 27th, Nov 24th, Dec 8th, Jan 26th, Feb 23rd, Mar 23rd and May 25th. ALL Welcome. 

In April 4th-7th 2018 Sunday PM, 6th class Glow and Glow MAX are all invited to our own Annual Youth Trip with info to come through the year.

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Faith Mission Centre

Carrigrohane Union Youth Trip

The Carrigrohane Youth Trip is where we bring the young people (in 6th class national school and those in secondary school) on a weekend trip and participate in fun activities and come together to talk about how God connects with our everyday lives in morning and evening sessions. Whether you call yourself a christian or not or whether you feel like God is an important part of your life or not doesn’t matter – you’re very welcome and will have a great time!!

In 2017 we looked at ‘6 Objects’. Using unusual objects like a sparkler, a rotten banana, a shepherds staff, a nappy, a crown of thorns, and a deodorant can – we tell the big story of God and why it matters for us today.                                                                                                     In the past we’ve had a look on the book of Genesis and the beginning of the Bible with the ‘Garden of Eden’ and another series on ‘Noah’. We’ve also looked at the story of ‘Jonah’, and at the ‘Prodigal’s Son’ and how those stories can apply to our everyday lives.

On the activity side of things, we do loads! Including a beach trip, a ‘Fancy Dress Dinner’, loads of sports, Sumo Suits, group activities and loads of time to chill.


Youth cafe flyer 2014

Youth Café

We run an occasional youth cafe – a hangout space during the holidays, check this page in summer ’18 for more info.