Encountering God in different ways –


Taste and See

The CUP Family is a mix of needs and desires and this includes worship. This presents a challenge: – to carry on with our current pattern where we try to be “all things to all people” and satisfy few, or be more focussed to make our worship more engaging. Vision 2015 -18 is an opportunity to taste and see a medley of services across all three churches, as an experiment for the first six months of 2015, then together we will review and discern what God wants from us.

A time to celebrate the old and the new “Does variety mean that one style of service is better than the other?” A categorical “no” is the answer! Each service, iGen, Roots and Sunday AM, is a means to worship in a particular way. They are services to let God be God and renew us. So Vision 2015 -18 is a time to CELEBRATE God through the new and the old.

A time to be a renewed community of the Kingdom of God CUP has a very special quality – a rich network of relationship across all three churches. So this trial period of different worship styles being taken to each venue, will lead some to follow that service – an expression of the fact that God’s people are a pilgrim people. Of course there will be others who will remain on “home” ground and that is OK. In fact we need them to welcome our travelling church!

A time to drink from the riches of grace Of course these patterns challenge all of us – some because of different needs in their own families. For everyone the challenge is simply that we are creatures of habit!

So what we need is the kind of response spoken by someone about this variety of styles and change: “With grace we will enjoy everything.”

This sums up brilliantly what every one of us will need to demonstrate – how CUP is to be an authentic open community of all ages and stages.