We imagine being present and available at the heart of the town.

To achieve this we will:

• Take our ideas and evaluate them to see what might work.

• “Road Test” what seems doable by experimenting in different locations. Imagining helps us realise how far removed we are from Ballincollig where commerce, schools and simply living takes place for most people, who don’t know that we are tucked away on Church Hill.


• Yourself at the Xperimental service full of atmosphere as the young people lead us in worship and we share across the ages, faith and life issues and we look out of the window and see a bus passing by!

• Stepping out of the door at the Parish Centre after the Parent and Toddler Group, and are greeted by the sound of the beep at a road crossing. As you head for the nearest café you bump into a friend, and invite them to join you for a coffee. Imagine the taste of the latte and the calorie busting bun!


Gunge and Glue – the bricks and mortar for a fresh expression of Church in Blarney? Vision 2015-18 will invest time and resources into Lighthouse by:

• Building upon the strengths and opportunities which Lighthouse has provided for families in Blarney and beyond.

• Looking at ways in which we can reach out, deepen faith and develop a Christian community where all learn , pray, play and worship together.

• Developing Lighthouse as a “Fresh Expression” of Church – linking those on the “Messy Edges” of church using the “Messy Church” model.

• Continuing to develop the Lighthouse team, “fanning into $ame the gifts within”. (2 Timothy 1 : 6)

Embracing Fresh Expressions of Church

What lies behind Vision 2015-18 setting the compass to Ballincollig and Blarney are the values of Fresh Expressions of Church:

“A fresh expression is a form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church.”


In recent years at Inniscarra we’ve added ‘The Glade’ – in St. Senan’s. Vision 2015-18 will:

• Foster St. Senan’s as a place of retreat and prayer

• Promote its availablity for local community & church groups

• Given its “green” location, progress our thinking in CUP in the care of creation. Knocking on the Door of the Global Village For many years CUP has practically and prayerfully supported global mission and the command by Jesus to make disciples of all nations.

We have also consistently served the needs of the vulnerable in the two third’s world and ensured that 10% of our direct giving goes to support a number of agencies across the mission spectrum (please see the lea$et listing agencies recently supported).

Over the years many have engaged on the ground with the church overseas and this has enriched all our lives. Vision 2015- 18 commits us to explore the possibility of a team from CUP actually going out on mission, to establish a dynamic two way relationship with a church in the Global Village.

MAP Mission Action Planning

During 2015 the Five Marks of Mission will act as lenses to look at our entire mission through the process of Mission Action Planning (MAP) in each church and collectively as a Union of Parishes, in a way that is sustainable and where there is ownership by all members. We will be asking questions like:

TELL: proclaim the Good News of Christ – How do we do this, unashamedly and yet be culturally and pastorally sensitive?

TEACH: all baptised Christians-what is required to give every Christian confidence in Scripture as God’s Word for today?

TEND: in loving service to the needs of others – where are the needs that call us to respond ?

TRANSFORM: local and global injustices – is lobbying a call to peace and justice?

TREASURE: safeguard God’s creation – are we too preoccupied with surviving, to stop and take measures to soften the impact of climate change?

1 The Five Marks have their origins in the Anglican Church and form the basis of the Mission Statement