Vision 2015-18 will celebrate the strong bonds across CUP where grace is the hallmark of our relationships, as we embrace the way of the Cross and PRIORITISE:

Discipleship with “L plates”

80% of members of all ages meeting in groups to grow, share and pray together, open to those who are searching and enquiring, as well as those whose faith is established. Vision 2015-18 will:

  • Provide openings to make it easier for new members to join, with varied times for groups to meet , and themed topics speaking to current issues and needs.
  • Foster the huge welcoming and nurturing role our small groups have for Christians from other traditions and/or none at all,
  • Ensure there are facilitators who have oversight of the leaders of all groups, meeting with them regularly.

An annual “House Party” to relax, have fun and grow together!

The first is set for the holiday weekend of 2nd -4th May 2015 when our special guests will be Bishop Ken Clarke and his wife Helen who led the February outreach Connect 2012 . It will be a weekend to grow together across the generations as we relax and have fun.

Waking up to Intergenerational Church as Special!

The church is one of the few places where all the generations come together and so runs counter to the world around it. Being Intergenerational in CUP is nothing new. Vision 2015- 18 intentionally encourages deepening of relationships through worshipping, serving, sharing, playing and learning, reviewing what we do separately,and sharing together e.g. ;

• For the Xperimental Service to enter the mainstream of our worshipping life. • Introducing the iGen service as part of our medley of worship patterns.

• Seeing a stream of mentors emerging to guide individuals across the generations.

• Cultivate the importance of the Intergenerational Family of God as like a jigsaw, where every piece counts, through pastoral care and effective communication.

Developing Leaders in all sorts of “shapes and sizes”

Using the “Growing Leaders” courses for adults and young people and in particular Vision 2015-18 will:

• Develop more shared leadership for the Alpha, Parenting and Marriage Courses.

• Gather leaders together regularly for training, sustaining the Vision and goal setting.

T E A M … Together Everyone Achieves More

Teams have a clear focus and everyone is dependent on the other – no one can go missing! Vision 2015 -18 will create an ethos of teamwork, with individuals, in different groups and cooperating across different groups, so together we can achieve goals that are bigger than any one or a few can realise.

Enjoying God – rest and rhythms

making service enjoyable as we receive all that God wants to fill us and bless us by:

• Gathering for special times of prayer and worship such as New Wine, Living Word events and Retreats.

• Setting aside periods to pray as the CUP Family.

• Prioritising times of rest and listening to God by building Sabbath breaks into the CUP diary.

• Setting clear reviews and limits to the length of service in any one role.

• Introducing a process of discernment so that new initiatives are carefully considered for their impact on other ministries.