A Crazy world

A Crazy world

Crazy World

In the first of our Blogs in which we hope to highlight lots of things over the coming months Robert looks at the Crazy world in which we live today … and asks some questions

I am not a member of the Church of Ireland Synod but as an interested observer I took interest in what was happening over 3 days a few weeks ago. As a church, we do have things to say to our communities, to our nation and to the world at large.

It was encouraging that topics arose at this meeting of our elected representatives and that the church is engaging with the topics of our day. Many might be critical of the Church that we are not moving fast enough or gazing inwardly when things are going crazy outside or when so many within our society are so apathetic to church business.

Topics at synod included – motions to adopt the IF campaign … looking at world hunger, the plight of farmers here in Ireland  issues of extreme poverty on our doorsteps, the abortion legislation currently going through the Irish Parliament, engaging with communities, issues which affect education in Church of Ireland schools as well as other priorities of the church. The Archbishop of Armagh, whose first Synod this was as chairperson reminded the church of its fundamental purpose ‘is simply this – to receive the Gospel and to hand on the Gospel in the world … a delivery point for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Everything the Church does or says is, or should be, connected to this single and fundamental purpose in one way or another – our worship, fellowship, evangelism, prophetic interaction with the world (whether in encouragement or rebuke), our churches and church property, our social activism and compassion, our ecumenical endeavours.’


We do live in a crazy world … news headlines remind us that we are living in a world which needs good news, which needs us to get on and get our hands dirty reminding people of the good news which we have. It’s easy to say this, its easy to talk about this but we need to get on and do … to pass the gospel on. But how do we do this in our culture? Let’s have a conversation about this … that’s what the Vision Development Group are trying to grapple with over the next while … please do think, pray and dream how we as a parish can be more effective in our community as we live out our faith in this crazy world which is loved by God!